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Food and Catering

The kitchen is a staging area only, and not approved for food preparation or storage. You may use a caterer of your choice or bring your own homemade food. You or your caterer must provide all personnel, equipment, and rentals.

We encourage the use of reusable dishes whenever possible to reduce waste. BBQ grills can be used in a designated gravel area outside.


Liability insurance is required for all events. You must provide a certificate of insurance by (a) an extension of your homeowner's policy; (b) your business liability policy; or (c) purchasing a special event policy. You must provide this certificate 30 days prior to the date of your event.

Access and Security

Access to the building will be arranged by your Event Coordinator. The Bridge Event Center is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. You and your guests are responsible for safeguarding all property brought to the building and grounds. No firearms are permitted.

Alcoholic Beverages

Hard liquor, mixed drinks, and kegs will be allowed under some circumstances. Discuss this issue with the Event Coordinator. When alcoholic beverages are provided, non-alcoholic beverages must also be served. You may bring your own beer and wine or hire a caterer. Events selling beer and wine for fund-raising purposes require a special permit.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your guests' behavior adheres to laws and event center policies. An extra $50 clean-up fee will be charged if alcohol is served.


Decorations must be free standing. (No thumbtacks, staples, nails, wire or tape of any kind.) Tents or awnings must be secured by weights and no stakes driven into the ground. Bird seed, rice, glitter, confetti and sparklers are not allowed anywhere on the premises. Balloons should be well secured as they pose a hazard to birds. Fresh flower petals, incense and sage are permitted outside only.

Candle flames (including candles in candelabras) must be enclosed in hurricane holders. Votive candles and floating candles are acceptable. Flammable tissue paper or any combustible liquid is permitted only with previous approval by our Event Coordinators and the Boise Fire Department.


The Bridge Event Center is not available to groups who advocate the use of violence, or discriminate explicitly or implicitly against any race, gender, sexual orientation, religious or ethnic group. No conduct or activity is allowed which constitutes a public nuisance or embarrassment to our Fellowship.

Weddings and Unions

You are responsible for arranging all licenses, legal contracts and obligations, as well as the services of an appropriate celebrant (priest, minister, rabbi, bishop, local judge, etc.), as required by Idaho law and policies of your denomination. Our minister's schedule will not allow her to officiate at weddings unless they are associated with the Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. We can provide names of several other local officiants who are willing and able to conduct weddings.


Smoking is only allowed outside each main entrance where receptacles are provided. All other inside and outside areas are smoke free.


Included in your rental fee are two parking lots with 118 spaces. Events larger than 200 guests will require our trained parking attendants to ensure safety of your guests and courtesy to our neighbors.


Animals (other than service animals) and pets are not allowed in the building or on the grounds. Exceptions require written approval from the Bridge Event Center.


The Bridge Event Center is designed for universal access. Hearing assistance devices are available for the public address system inside the building.

Sound Volume

In consideration for our neighbors we have adopted the Boise City Parks Department requirement that sound not exceed 62 decibels as measured in each parking lot. Sound levels will be electronically monitored by our event staff as needed.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Saturday: 8:00am—10:00pm
Sunday: 2:00—10:00pm

Event Coordinator and Other Personnel

You will be assigned an Event Coordinator as your single point of contact throughout your event and its planning. The Event Coordinator will work with you or your event planner to help with scheduling, accessing the facilities, and arranging for equipment and support staff as needed. A charge for the Event Coordinator's time is based upon the type of event and your needs, and will be specified in your Agreement Summary.

We will also arrange for other staff and services, depending on the requirements of your event. See the Capacities & Rates page for details.

Event Areas

You will have primary use of the rooms and areas noted on your Agreement Summary. However, other activities may be scheduled inside or elsewhere on the grounds at the same time. All events may use the Shared Areas such as bathrooms, hallways and parking lots. Administrative offices and the workroom are off-limits. We ask all users to be considerate of each others' activities.

Childcare and Using the Nursery

All childcare is the responsibility of the user. Children and youth must have designated supervision at all times. User must ensure that children and youth comply with all details of the Event Center's Policies & Procedures. Guests are prohibited from running through the planting beds, climbing trees, wading in the fountains or ponds, or throwing objects into the water features.

Set-up and Clean-up

You are responsible for your own set-up/take-down and clean-up unless you have pre-purchased these services from the Event Center. Set-up and decorating times must be pre-arranged with your Event Coordinator to avoid conflicts with other events. After your event, all rooms must be returned to their original condition. Personal items must be removed to facilitate cleaning. The on-site Event Monitor will verify that each item on our Clean-up Checklist has been completed before you leave the premises.

Events must stop one hour before final hour of contract to allow time for clean-up. Failure to vacate the facilities on time or complete the Clean-up Checklist will result in additional charges.


Our center strongly advocates recycling and provides an easy system for separating garbage during the event. Trash should be bagged and placed in the grey dumpsters. Recycleables (cans, plastic, clean paper and cardboard) should be placed in the blue recycle dumpster. Glass will be recycled by the BEC custodian. Dump ice only on graveled areas and not grass and planting beds.

Fees and Damage Deposit

Half of the user fee is due when you sign and submit your Agreement Summary and is non-refundable. The remainder is due 30 days prior to the event.

A Damage Deposit is due 30 days prior to your event and will be returned to you via mail within 30 days after your event (less deductions for damage, extra personnel, extra cleaning and facility time, etc., as per the Event Center's Policies and Procedures.) Fees for additional services will be determined in advance. If subsequent services are provided at your request, the amount owed will be deducted from your Damage Deposit.

Idaho State Sales Tax of 6% will be charged.


Cancellations must be made in writing to the Event Coordinator. The initial half of the user fee is non-refundable regardless of when your event is cancelled. Cancellations made within 30 days of your event will forfeit the entire rental fee minus any additional services that were not used.

User Representative:

You must designate a representative authorized to act on your behalf. This representative shall be present at all times during the event and respectfully coordinate all matters with our staff.

Please inform everyone making deliveries, setting-up or catering for your event of these Policies and Procedures. You are responsible for their behavior.